Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Evidence of correlation between two plant viruses and bee die-offs

Bee Deaths May Stem From Virus, Study Says

The mysterious die-offs of honeybees known as colony collapse disorder may be linked to a rapidly mutating, tobacco ringspot virus (a fast-mutating RNA virus) that jumped to bees from tobacco and soy plants. Researchers are also studying the Israeli acute paralysis virus.    Read more here.

Raw Milk discussion in today's Washington Post Food Section

Two articles on raw milk in from Whitney Pipkin in the Washington Post Food Section:

  • FOOD

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    On raw milk, FDA and proponents engage in a battle of statistics

    FDA, Price Foundation cite studies bolstering opposing views on unpasteurized product's safety
    Whitney Pipkin,  The Washington Post   JAN 21


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    Raw milk: Devotees seek their fix, despite the warnings about health risks

    Despite the health risks, devoted fans of unpasteurized milk go to great lengths to get their fix.  Whitney Pipkin,  The Washington Post   JAN 21
  • Saturday, January 4, 2014

    Underground Shelter Demonstration in Baker, WV - January 11

    Our little property is isolated by the river on three sides and mountains on all four sides, and only one road in. So we've had several city folks ask me to consider a shelter out here. I usually dismiss these concerns, but I find all of this fascinating. Yesterday I talked with a guy from Titan Subterranean Survival Shelters who invited me to Baker, WV next weekend for a demonstration. I can't go, but thought you all might find it interesting. Call them if you're interested.
    For more details please call us 855-528-8426
    Number 1

    Thursday, January 2, 2014

    Free Penn State MOOC on Energy and the Environment

    Penn State is offering a free MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on Climate Change and Renewable Energy.  Read more and sign up here:

    Energy, the Environment, and Our Future

    Get Rich and Save the Earth…Or Else! Learn about the past, present, and possible futures of human energy use.

    Course Syllabus

    (Subject to change before course begins)

    ●    Lesson 1. Sustainability: Why Energy Matters (and Money) 
    ●    Lesson 2. What is Energy—Units and Such; What we use, and how much good it does 
    ●    Lesson 3. Oil, Coal and Natural Gas, Drilling and Fracking and Reserves 
    ●    Lesson 4. Global Warming I—Physics
    ●    Lesson 5. Global Warming II—History  and Impacts
    ●    Lesson 6. Options: Solar, Wind
    ●    Lesson 7. Options: Geothermal, Waves, Tides, Nukes
    ●    Lesson 8. Options: Conservation
    ●    Lesson 9. Options: Geo-Engineering
    ●    Lesson 10. Economics
    ●    Lesson 11. Policy Options
    ●    Lesson 12. Ethical issues