Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Robot bees

Next Sustainable Potomac Highland Meeting - May 8, 2014

To review the minutes of the last meeting go here.

Proposed Agenda
Sustainable Potomac Highlands

1. Call to order and welcome new people. Resilience News: Tom Lewis

2. Approve minutes of the last meeting and agenda for this meeting. Officers’ reports as needed; treasurer, Transition liaison, communications.

3. Old Business/New Business
Patricia Taylor: beekeeping presentation by Brian Umsted?
Sarah Purol: demonstration by biodiesel-car guy?
Windy Cutler: co-op with Brookedale Farms canning and preserving workshop?
Dale Brady: charcuterie workshop at HHS May 13?
Steve Martin: Frostburg Grows
Tom Lewis: liaison, West Virginia Highlands Climate Change Impacts Initiative. Conference June 7. Tom Rodd to speak to us in August?

5. Reports from the standing committees as needed:
Food: Windy Cutler
Health: Eva Taylor
Energy: Tim Reese
Transportation: Sarah Purol
Finance: Steve Martin

4. Presentation by Steven Martin:  Topic is "Socially Responsible Investing."  A brief introduction to getting your financial and investing philosophies in alignment with your local economy and sustainability values.

6. Adjourn.