Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Food Committee Meeting - Sunday October 27

The Food Committee has scheduled a meeting of its own this Sunday, October 27, as explained below.

Eight members of the transition food committee met during breakout at  transition meeting last week, and did some brainstorming about interests and projects.  Following is a draft of ideas we came up with.  We have scheduled an interim meeting to be held on Sunday, October 27, 4 p.m. The goal of the meeting will be to plan some specific projects.
Program possibilities
  • Events
  • Field Trips
  • Speakers, presenters, documentaries (at meetings or between)
  • Venues—Canning kitchen?
Community involvement, how much?
  • Extension agent
  • Contact CEO’s, human resources, churches etc.
  • Schools—gardens? Local foods in lunch program?
  • Community gardens, or help with individual

Monday, October 14, 2013

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Transition Hampshire Draft Agenda - October 17 Meeting

Transition Hampshire Initiative
Thursday,October 17, 7pm
Bank of Romney Community Center

1. Welcome from the convener, Tom Lewis

2. Reading of the minutes -- Mike Kastre. Without objection, accept the minutes as distributed via email?

3. Report on the field trip to Church View Farm -- Frank Woodson, chair, energy task force.

4. Report on the meeting with Hampshire On Trac Committee re: use of the Co-op Building. Steve Martin.

5. Organization -- Time we selected a name. And considered our further organization. What officers? Dues? A charter committee to draft our bylaws for next meeting? A nominating committee to suggest a slate of officers?  

6. Affiliation of the organization -- is it time we applied to Transition?

7. Report of the Communications task force.

8. TASK FORCES: Discussion: two new ones have been suggested: transportation and housing. Should Communications be a committee, doing internal work, rather than a task force? Break down into groups to discuss each task force’s organization and agenda. Report back to main group after 30 minutes on membership (provide signup sheets), organization and  first project.  

9. New business? Set next meeting. Adjourn.

September 12 Meeting Notes

by Mike Kastre
Notes from:
Transition Meeting
September 12, 7 PM
Bank of Romney Community Center

45 attended. (The initial meeting drew 30 people.)

Facilitator Tom Lewis opened the meeting with a brief discussion of the difficulties associated with sustainable living. Since it is hard to understand, hard to do, and doesn’t make anybody rich, he raised the question: why would anybody do it? One motivation, he said, is fear: fear of the consequences of not being able to do it after the effects of peak oil or climate change or the like have made it imperative.

He underscored the point by using Egypt as an example where the mainstream media is missing the larger point and pointed out it was a reason we should all be concerned. He illustrated the point that what is occurring in Egypt is not (as being reported) about revolution where Egyptians are searching for freedom and democracy. But rather it is the result of shortages. Because of what he called a “perfect storm” of peak oil, climate change, drought and skyrocketing food prices, the country went from being self-sufficient in the 1990s to having to import oil, food and borrowed money today. He called it a failing state, and an example of what’s in store for every oil-dependent country, including the US.