Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What Georgetown U is doing

GUTS Shuttle BusGeorgetown operates a variety of alternative-fuel vehicles in our campus fleet:
  • Biodiesel - A biodiesel blend - B20 when available - is used in all diesel-burning vehicles in the campus fleet, including the University-run (GUTS) shuttle buses and the campus-operated waste collection trucks.Click to read more about biodiesel on campus.
  • Electric utility vehicles - The University's fleet of golf carts for local travel around campus contains 40 electric vehicles.
  • "The Veggie Car" - GU Outdoor Edmaintains a VW Jetta outfitted with an engine that burns reprocessed vegetable oil. The vehicle is used for travel to and from Outdoor Ed trips as well as for sustainability education purposes.
  • Electric Plug-in Passenger Cars - Georgetown participated in a research initiative with the Toyota Motor Company to test-drive prototype electric plug-in Priuses during 2010 and 2011. Read more at our Electric Vehicle Research Initiative page.

In many senses, sustainable transportation comes naturally to Georgetown. As an urban campus with constrained access to land, the University strives to minimize surface parking and use our limited land resources for other purposes that serve our mission, like building a new performing arts center and developing cutting-edge science facilities. That goal dovetails well with our sustainability efforts, in that we make it a priority to provide our students, faculty, staff and visitors with convenient alternatives to single-occupancy vehicle use. It is estimated that approximately 90% of the Main and Medical campus populations arrive to work and class by means other than driving alone.
The University provides the following support and options for sustainable and alternative transportation to and from campus, as described below:

  • University-run Shuttle Buses - Georgetown operates the Georgetown University Transportation Shuttle (GUTS), established in 1974 and currently providing five different routes between campus and the Dupont and Rosslyn Metrorail stations, the Law Center, and satellite parking sites. The service is available free of charge to GU students, staff, faculty, and visitors and to GUH faculty, staff, and visitors. In 2009, GUTS provided 2 million rides, doubling its ridership over the last decade. Beginning in January, 2010, GUTS buses have been entirely powered by a biodiesel fuel blend.
  • Metrorail - While the nearest Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) Metrorail stations, Rosslyn (blue/orange line) and Dupont Circle (red line), are 1.0 mi. and 1.6 mi., respectively, from campus, the University provides frequent, express, no-cost access via regular shuttle buses (GUTS) between campus and these stations. Metrorail schedules can be found on the WMATA website.
  • Metrobus/Circulator - The Main Campus is served by three WMATA Metrobus lines with stops adjacent to campus (G2, D2, and D6), and by additional Metrobus routes and the DC Circulator bus with stops along Wisconsin Avenue. Schedules and route maps can be found on the WMATA and Circulator websites.
  • SmartBenefits - OTM offers the SmartBenefits service, allowing GU employees to deposit pre-tax dollars directly into their WMATA SmarTrip account for transit use. GU employees can deduct an allotted amount per month for transit, by signing up through the OTM office (x7-4372).

  • Bike Parking SignCapital Bikeshare - Two docking stations for this region-wide bicycle sharing system are located near Georgetown. One is located just outside the front gates at 37th St. and O St., and a second is at 34th St. and Wisconsin. For additional information, visit
  • Bike Parking - Bicycle racks are provided adjacent to every residence hall and most classroom and office locations on campus. Additionally, covered bicycle parking is available in the Leavey, Southwest, and Garage 4 parking garages.
  • Bicycle Registration and Locks - Georgetown offers bicycle registration and sells U-locks on campus through theDepartment of Public Safety (DPS). Bicycle registration, available for a nominal fee or with purchase of U-lock, offers cyclists the benefit of keeping their bike's serial number on record with DPS, which can assist with identification in the case of loss or theft. DPS is located in Village C West, room 116. Bicycles can be registered between 9 am and 9 pm any day of the week. For more information contact DPS (x7-4343).
  • Bicycle Shower Contract - The Yates Field House offers shower access to bicycle commuters without charging a full gym membership fee. Cyclists can obtain more information through Yates Field House (x7-2400).
  • Want more info about bicycling on campus? Send an email to

  • Carpooling - OTM offers a carpool matching program, and offers discounted parking permits for carpoolers who travel in groups of 2 or 3 and free parking for carpools with 4 or more people. Members of the University community can log in to the carpool program here with a NetID.
  • Zipcar - Georgetown has partnered with Zipcar since 2004, providing University students, staff and faculty access to membership with no application fee and a reduced annual rate. Zipcars nearest campus are located at Wisconsin Ave and O St, at 2233 Wisconsin Ave and in Rosslyn (both GUTS-accessible), and at the Georgetown Law Center.
  • Park-and-Ride - Discounted parking permits are provided to commuters who park in satellite lots and then walk or take the GUTS shuttle, thus decreasing congestion and improving air quality on campus and in the local neighborhoods.
  • Preferred Parking for Efficient and Electric Vehicles - Employees who drive to campus in an efficient vehicle such as a hybrid are eligible to use preferred parking spaces (closer to exits and elevators) in Garage 4. Please contact OTM for more information.


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