Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sustainable Potomac Highlands Meeting - Thursday, April 10

This month's meeting of Sustainable Potomac Highlands is tomorrow,Thursday, at 7pm at the Health Department in Augusta.  

Minutes of the last meeting are available here, on their website.

The proposed agenda is as follows:

Proposed Agenda
Sustainable Potomac Highlands

1. Call to order and welcome new people. Resilience News: Tom Lewis

2. Presentation: Solar and Wind Energy
Colin Williams, Mountain View Solar

3. Approve minutes of the last meeting and agenda for this meeting.

4. Treasurer’s Report: Steve Martin
5. Old Business/New Business
Steve Martin on USDA Strike Force
Dale Brady on Transitions

6. Reports from the standing committees as needed:
Food: Windy Cutler
Health: Eva Taylor
Energy: Tim Reese
Transportation: Sarah Purol
Finance: Steve Martin
Communications: Vince Lombardi

7. Adjourn for meetings of the standing committees.

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