Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Food Committee Meeting - Sunday October 27

The Food Committee has scheduled a meeting of its own this Sunday, October 27, as explained below.

Eight members of the transition food committee met during breakout at  transition meeting last week, and did some brainstorming about interests and projects.  Following is a draft of ideas we came up with.  We have scheduled an interim meeting to be held on Sunday, October 27, 4 p.m. The goal of the meeting will be to plan some specific projects.
Program possibilities
  • Events
  • Field Trips
  • Speakers, presenters, documentaries (at meetings or between)
  • Venues—Canning kitchen?
Community involvement, how much?
  • Extension agent
  • Contact CEO’s, human resources, churches etc.
  • Schools—gardens? Local foods in lunch program?
  • Community gardens, or help with individual

Food Production
  • Gardening
  • Winter gardens
  • Seedsaving & sharing
  • Orchard
  • Services—tilling, etc.
  • Beekeeping, maple sugaring
  • Poultry, egg production
  • Livestock, grass-fed beef

Farmers Market

Food processing, preservation
  • Canning, freezing, drying
  • Meat processing, meat processers
  • Food storage—root cellaring, etc.

Food Preparation
  • Using local and seasonal foods
  • Cooking from scratch, avoiding processed and prepackaged foods

Food coop--Frankferd Farms

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