Monday, October 14, 2013

Transition Hampshire Draft Agenda - October 17 Meeting

Transition Hampshire Initiative
Thursday,October 17, 7pm
Bank of Romney Community Center

1. Welcome from the convener, Tom Lewis

2. Reading of the minutes -- Mike Kastre. Without objection, accept the minutes as distributed via email?

3. Report on the field trip to Church View Farm -- Frank Woodson, chair, energy task force.

4. Report on the meeting with Hampshire On Trac Committee re: use of the Co-op Building. Steve Martin.

5. Organization -- Time we selected a name. And considered our further organization. What officers? Dues? A charter committee to draft our bylaws for next meeting? A nominating committee to suggest a slate of officers?  

6. Affiliation of the organization -- is it time we applied to Transition?

7. Report of the Communications task force.

8. TASK FORCES: Discussion: two new ones have been suggested: transportation and housing. Should Communications be a committee, doing internal work, rather than a task force? Break down into groups to discuss each task force’s organization and agenda. Report back to main group after 30 minutes on membership (provide signup sheets), organization and  first project.  

9. New business? Set next meeting. Adjourn.

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